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What is CloudSlice?

CloudSlice is the new iOS app that lets you use your favorite cloud services in a whole new way. You can send your photos to up to 5 different cloud services.

Encrypt. Slice. Store.

When you upload a photo using CloudSlice, each image is encrypted – using a key only you possess – and divided into slices. These slices are then uploaded to the different cloud storage services you have linked to the app.


Working Together as One

CloudSlice lets you treat all of your linked cloud services as a single storage location. All you need to do is select photos from your photo library and tap the upload button – CloudSlice handles all of the encryption, slicing and storage work for you. 


This approach provides improved security, because your complete photo is not stored anywhere on the cloud – only the slices exist on the storage servers. If any individual cloud storage service is compromised, no one can get a copy of your photo, only slices. Since each slice only contains pieces of encrypted image data, your photos are not exposed.

Take charge of your own photo privacy. Your photos are encrypted by a password that only you know. Your CloudSlice password is never sent to any third-party, so keep it safe. 

CloudSlice supports the following cloud storage services:

For more details, please check out our FAQ.